Die Skatinsel


Daniel Schäfer


The Skatinsel is an educational game set out to familiarize younger generations once again with the most traditional German trump card game: Skat.
Learning Skat can be fairly complex and has a rather antiquated image. Therefore the concept of our game is to enable easy entry into the rules with a fresh and exciting pirate setting. The player will be guided through all necessary rules step by step, while playing he will experience a fantastic journey all around the Skat island.
Many Pirates also being keen on learning the game will oppose the player struggling to yield the “great skat”.
Will you be able to beat all pirates by cunning moves to obtain one of the legendary Skatcards?

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  • Nominated as “Best Serious Game” at the German Computergames Award 2016
  • Nominated at Tommi – German Children Software Award 2016

You’re already a pro at Skat?
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