Flash isn’t dead after all

20. Juli 2013 | Games | 0 comments | Author:

Every year I hear someone saying „flash is dead“.
Take a moment:
What? What are they talking about? Just look around you – there are such lovley and special flashgames out there.
I want you to show 2 of them, which I played this morning:


Icarus Needs


This game is about dreaming and finding back to reality. It’s something special about the optic, simple gameplay and storytelling. This game is a short one. So take some minutes and give it a try.
I like it really much and find it impressive.






Pretentious Game 3

This game uses gently the gameplay and some sentences to tell a story with views from different sites.
I’m not a fan of platformers. But this isn’t hard. It’s surprising in gameplay, because it’s one of the games, which change its own rules often. This made the simple levels interesting.
After all the story made me a little bit sad and wistfully.
It’s worth playing. Go and check it out!