Playable Lonliness

5. Dezember 2013 | Games | 0 comments | Author:

Try this special short game – I think it is more art as game – an art game! The feelings in this simple art game can be very intense. I’m impressed by this art game.   After playing look … Continued

Free Play Indiespeedrun 2013

8. Oktober 2013 | Announcement, Games | 0 comments | Author:

The games are out! Now everybody can play the games of the game jam online or download them: Our game is this one: (Please use the link! You have to scroll sooo much, if you don’t) I thought … Continued

Flash isn’t dead after all

20. Juli 2013 | Games | 0 comments | Author:

Every year I hear someone saying „flash is dead“. Take a moment: What? What are they talking about? Just look around you – there are such lovley and special flashgames out there. I want you to show 2 of them, … Continued